Clown 90 x 100
clown 3



Oil, canvas

Size: 35*39

I had about eight tubes of oilcolor, canvas, palette knife, brushes and a little paint thinner. I started with making black base then worked with colors with palette knife. I enjoyed doing coloristics, mixing my favorite colors. At first the picture seemed abstract but later on I saw an image that reminded me walking with my kids; dads would understand that feeling, especially those who have twins. It is so tough to carry out double baby carriage, then children just to have a walk – but it is one of the happiest moments in the whole life. That’s what I saw in my abstract picture. I wanted to make it more evident, so I drew a face, emphasized baby carriage, drew one kid smiling, another one – pointing to the moon. It was already late in the evening and I was one tube of paint short to finish my work. I locked the workshop and ran to the closest shop. But they didn’t have the color I needed (yellow). I ran to another paints shop but they didn’t have it either so I decided to take the last red paint. I came back to work and finished the picture. I did all I could, I am really pleased but tired. It took me three days to recover myself but the picture was worth it.

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