by Slava Chueshov

60,2” X 40,9”

Oil on canvas, 2001

Once in the early spring I got a sudden desire to meet the sunrise. Everything was slowly waking up. My mood was rising from the coniferous trills of the birds. The sun was ready to rise and dazzle with its bright light. I took my sketchbook and went to one of quiet places in the Mozyr town where there are gullies. When I got to the place I was illuminated by the overflow of colors. The sun was standing on the horizon. In that very second everything was playing with the inconceivable colors. After the winter pale-Orkhistene grass turned into yellow. On the top of the trees the sun hit with its red light and I saw a turquoise window on the violaceous sky, on which a cloud was reflecting the orange light of the sun. This moment was lasting no more then a second, but I was able to capture it.
Take a look at the painting…..
Dip into these feelings…

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