Joy 116 x 138
joy 2



Oil, canvas

Size: 46*54 in

I have been working on this picture for two years. At first it was called “A man going to the sun”. I had no oilcolor, only cars paint. It was winter and I was so anxious to work. I worked with bare hands for cars paint is too liquid. It was hours of joy, feeling that I can breathe, that I really live. I felt absolutely free. I was working step by step, curious what I will have as a result. I felt like I was opening the gates to our world and that it would bring us the warmth of our feelings. I saw a bee in the picture. And as it was giving honey, so I was giving people my pictures to show them it’s great happiness to be in this world. Think of it! We were born surrounded by this world’s love and we should gift our love to the Earth.

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