Knight 90 x 100
knight 2



Oil, canvas

Size: 35*39 in

I always wanted to have a look inside myself, know my abilities and release my  “inner I”. I set my mind free from all thoughts, went into trance and watched myself from the side exploring what pictures are on my mind, what my role is in other people’s lives, if I help anyone. If at least a single person in the whole world is interested in what I am doing then I know I am not fooling my time away. You can see quite a lot watching clouds and I realize I am surrounded by some great mind, I breathe with it, I am always belonged to it and I know that everything will be exactly as it had been planned. I saw a knight in one of my pictures.  We all are knights, always on duty, in an array. But life is really simple, it’s us who make it complicated by our actions and thoughts. It is simple. Appreciate your life, it is a great gift and I will always be grateful for it.

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