River of Life 110 x 90
river of life 2

River of Life


Oil, canvas

Size: 43*35 in

At first the name of the picture was “Waterfall”. I used a brush first, then a palette knife. I didn’t know what I would get, I enjoyed watching the movements of my hands. I turned the picture and saw a river and there were shapes on its banks which reminded a crocodile, a horse, a girl looking at a swan. I also saw a man swimming crosscurrent, to the girl sitting peacefully. That’s what I am seeking: to cross the seething flow of life and reach peace and harmony, feeling no regrets. The life seems wonderful only when we have harmony inside us. After finishing the picture I went to have a walk with my kids. I saw miraculous clouds and I wanted to reflect their beauty, so I added them to my picture next day.

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