Thoughts – SOLD


Size: 53,5″ X 48,4″


Oil on canvas

My thoughts? They come as uninvited interlocutors. They enthrall with their perspectives, ideas and missions. They as invisible manipulators pull us with strings. They sweep as a herd in the head. They are so unrestrained and courageous.  They rustle and advice. It is like a small spider that weaves a web from our thoughts. They set one on top of another creating endless layered-cake.

I successfully use my thoughts and obey them. For a moment I became a little child that wants to portray his inner world and everything that surrounds him, but he doesn’t know what color to use to paint the sun, the sky and a flower. He mixes the whole palette of colors and in this painting one can discerns the sun and the grass and the sky. This is beautiful…

Our thoughts make us think, make us return in the past and fly away to the future. Live in the present… Think, dream and meditate.

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